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Onboard new employees without hassle. With BizEdge’s onboarding feature, you can send information to new employees, request documents, and prepare them for their first day of resumption.

Steps to Onboard New Employees on BizEdge

Step 1: Import Employees
To onboard an employee, you must have either imported them or entered their details manually in the people section.

Step 2: Onboarding Employee
To onboard employees, you will need to click on the People Management app and click on the onboarding tab. Here, you get to select or search for the employee you’d like to onboard then click on the start button. Fill in the necessary details from the ‘prepare details’ step then click on the proceed button to move to the ‘Set Tasks’ step.

Step 3: Add Tasks and Documents
Add tasks if you have one or more and click on the proceed button to move to the ‘Add document’ step. Upload a document (employment letter, employee handbook, etc) if you have one then click on the ‘Save’ button.

The onboarded employee will receive the information through their email to get access to our employee self-service tool, MyEdge to view and complete their personal details. You have successfully onboarded your employees to BizEdge.

To learn more about MyEdge, the employee self-service app, click here

Do you prefer a video walkthrough? Click the video below to watch a step-by-step guide.

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