How to schedule a vehicle repair

Scheduling a vehicle repair takes only a couple of clicks in the BizEdge app vehicle module. Once scheduled, you get notifications to remind you about the repair. Follow the steps below to schedule new repairs and update previous ones.

Step 1: From the vehicle module dashboard, select the preferred vehicle for the repair. Click on Add New Repair. For this guide, we’d be adding a new repair for Ford Escort assigned to Rachael.

vehicle repair
Add new repair – Bizedgeapp Vehicle module

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details in the pop-up form. You can also upload documents relevant to the vehicle and the repair. Click Add and you have successfully added a new repair for your selected vehicle.

Pop-up to add new repair – Bizedgeapp Vehicle module

How to track vehicle repair

Step 3: You will get notified of upcoming repairs when they are close. You can also view all your vehicle repairs (previous and upcoming) by clicking on the Repair button on the vehicle’s menu bar.

Highlight repair
View repair – Bizedgeapp Vehicle module

Do you need more details on managing the vehicle module or any other module on the Bizedge app? Kindly leave a comment or reach out to our support channel;

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