How to send MyEdge invite

There are two methods to send a MyEdge invite to an employee on the People module of the Bizedge app. You can either send the invite while adding the employee during the onboarding process or from the employee dashboard if you imported employee information.

Method 1 (Sending MyEdge Invite while onboarding employee)

To send an employee an invite while onboarding, visit the previous article – How to add an employee in the people module of Bizedge for a step by step process.

Method 2 (Sending MyEdge invite from employee dashboard)

Step 1: In the people module of the app, click on people on the menu bar.

People dashboard in the people module of Bizedge – Bizedgeapp

Step 2: Search for the employee you want to grant MyEdge access to and click to visit the employee’s dashboard. For this step, we would be selecting Brenda Williams.

Search employee by name – Bizedgeapp

Step 3: From the employee’s dashboard, click the employee self-access switch right under the profile image to grant MyEdge access. Once you toggle this switch, you have successfully sent a MyEdge invite to the employee’s email address.

Employee self-access switch – Bizedgeapp

View sent MyEdge invites (pending and expired)

Step 1: To view all invites sent but yet to be accepted by employees and resend expired invites, click on settings on the menu bar of the people module.

Settings dashboard in people module – Bizedgeapp

Step 2: From the settings dashboard, click on MyEdge Access (Employee self-service invites).

MyEdge Access (Employee self-service invites) – Bizedgeapp

Step 3: The button opens up to a list of all invites sent that are yet to be accepted by invited employees and those that expired before they could be accepted. Here you can resend expired invites and cancel pending invites.

Pending and expired Invites – Bizedgeapp

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