How to update employee job title and compensation

Updating employee information on Bizedgeapp can be done either in the people module or from the employee’s end on MyEdge. However, updating job titles and compensations can only be done from the people module.

Updating employee job title and compensation

Step 1: Click on people on the menu bar of the People module to view the list of employees.

Update employee
People dashboard in the People module – bizedgeapp

Step 2: If the choice employee name is not at the top of the page or viewing on the current page, rather than go through pages, you can search employee by name and/or department using the boxes right after the menu bar. Click on employee once found.

Search for choice employee by name and/or department – bizedgeapp

Step 3: If all you want to do is update the employee’s job title and compensation, scroll to the end of the selected employee’s dashboard and click on the Update compensation button.

Update compensation button on employee dashboard – bizedge

Step 4: An update form pops up to edit job title, salary, number of work weeks, and the day it takes effect. Complete your edit and click on update compensation. You have successfully updated the employee’s job title/compensation.

Update employee job title/compensation- bizedgeapp

Update employee information

Step 1: If you intend to update other details other than job title/compensation, rather than scroll down to click on the update button, click on Edit Profile at the top right corner of the selected employee’s dashboard.

Edit employee profile – bizedgeapp

Step 2: An editable form containing all inputed employee information by you and by the employee on MyEdge comes up. Click on update job details at the menu bar.

Edit general information form of employee – bizedgeapp

Step 3: Here you can update employee personal & next of kin information, job, pension and banking details. Ensure to save each of the changes made on any of the pages before moving to another page. To update job title/compensation from here, click on update job title/compensation text below the job title box and input the necessary details.

Update job title/compensation text – bizedgeapp

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