Managing your assets on the bizedgeapp

The Asset module in the Bizedgeapp allows you to keep track of the assets within your organisation in an intuitive and easy way. At a glance, you have an overview of your total assets, the summary of status, and recently added and assigned assets.

Note: You can’t assign assets until you have added one. To add an asset, click on the asset card on the Bizedge launchpad.

Assets – Bizedgeapp launchpad

How to add an asset:

Step 1: Click on the asset card from the Bizedgeapp launchpad, then click on the add assets’ button at the top right corner.

Asset dashboard – Bizedgeapp

Step 2: A form comes up for you to fill in as many details as you want to about the asset. Such as name, type, documents, brand, model, the vendor you purchased the asset from, when it was purchased, status, serial number, whoever it was assigned to, etc.

Asset form – Bizedgeapp

Step 3: There are already pre-added asset types but if you do not find your preferred asset type on the form, click on the plus sign in the add asset type dropdown.

Add asset type in the form to add asset – Bizedgeapp

Step 4: Click on save. You have successfully created an asset. You can always update, assign and reassign an asset from the asset dashboard.

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