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The benefits section allows you to create benefits (health, pension, dental, etc) for your organisation or assign benefits to an already existing employee.  Note: You can’t assign benefits until you have created one.

How to create benefit:

Step 1: To create a new benefit, simply go to the People module, then click on the ‘Benefits’ button.

Create a new benefit – bizedgeapp

Step 2: Click on the ‘Add new benefit’ button located on the right hand side of your screen.

Add new benefit – bizedgeapp

Step 3: A ‘New Benefit’ box pops up. This is where you’ll input the benefit information including Features of the Benefit and Cost Accrued. The Benefit Features section allows you to decide if the benefit should cater for dependants. If you select ‘Yes’ proceed to selecting the number of dependants. If ‘No’ proceed to selecting the ‘Cost Accrued’ options.

Add features of new benefit – bizedgeapp

Step 4: Tick the box if you want to make the benefit default for all. Making the benefit default for all means the benefit will be applicable to all employees. After ticking the appropriate boxes, click on the ‘Create Benefit’ button. The benefit has been successfully created.

View benefits list – bizedgeapp

How to assign benefit:

Step 1: To assign benefits, simply head over to the People module, then click on the ‘Benefits’ button where different benefits you have created are displayed.

Assign a new benefit – bizedgeapp

Step 2: Click on the benefit you want to assign from the different benefits displayed. For this step we are selecting the first health benefit.

Select benefit to be assigned – bizedgeapp

Step 3: A modal containing the selected benefit information (category, type, days and description) pops up. Click on the ‘Assign Benefit’ button of your desired benefit. Here you can assign to all employees or remove all or any employee from the selected benefit. If you selected a wrong benefit, just click outside the pop and select the right benefit.

Selected benefit pop up – bizedgeapp

Step 4: An assign benefit modal will come up where you will select the employee you want to assign the benefit to and their department. Once selected, click on the ‘Assign Benefit’ button. The benefit has been successfully assigned.

Assign benefit –

Step 5: To view information about any benefit including the employees assigned to it, click on the preferred benefit.

View benefit information on bizedgeapp

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