Managing your vehicles on the bizedgeapp

The vehicle module in the Bizedgeapp allows you to keep track of the vehicles within your organisation, and automate maintenance and statutory document renewal. It takes away the painful process of paperwork.

Note: You cannot assign a vehicle to an employee if you are yet to add any vehicle. To add a vehicle, follow the steps below.

Vehicle module circled on the Bizedgeapp
Vehicle card on the Bizedgeapp dashboard

How to add a vehicle on the Bizedgeapp

Step 1: Click on the vehicle card from the Bizedgeapp launchpad to access the vehicle dashboard. Once you add vehicles, you get to see how your vehicles are faring; an overview of your vehicles, reminders on repair, and status.

Step 2: Scroll down to view the vehicle list and reminders. Since we are yet to add any vehicle, there’s nothing here for us to view. Click on the add vehicle button to add your first vehicle.

Add vehicle on Bizedgeapp

Step 3: A form comes up for you to fill in as many details as you want to about the vehicle. Such as vehicle type, brand, model, registration number, purchase details, assignee details, etc.

Form to add a vehicle on Bizedgeapp

Step 4: Click on save. You have successfully added a vehicle. Go over this process to add more vehicles. View your vehicles from the vehicle dashboard. Search for a vehicle by name, type or status. You can always edit a vehicle to update, assign and reassign the selected vehicle from the vehicle list.

Vehicle list on Bizedgeapp

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